Software engineer position at Laboratoire APC

décembre, 2, 2009

I am part of the ANR MIDAS project, and we’re hiring:

We search for a dedicated individual to work on an implementation of a numerical library devised for the purpose of the data analysis of Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) data sets. CMB is one of the most exciting and dynamically developing areas of modern cosmology as it provides a unique opportunity to explore the very early Universe. The data analysis of CMB data sets is central to its successful exploration. New CMB data sets of unprecedented quality and volume are anticipated within the next few years and their analysis will require a use of the largest available supercomputers. MIDAS’09 is an ANR-supported multi-disciplinary project, which aims at ensuring that appropriate high-tech tools and algorithms are at the disposal of CMB data analysts at that time. The MIDAS’09 collaboration involves INRIA-based computer scientists and applied mathematiciens together with APC-based physicists and software engineers as well as researchers from the US. The library is considered one of its key products. It will be developed for a range of computer architectures including multi-core and GPU- based ones emerging as leading candidates for the next generation of the supercomputers. It will use MPI either alone or in combinations with the openMP programming. The programming language will be C. The successful candidate will be a lead developer of the library and will have an opportunity to get involved in the CMB research undertaken by the group. Check here to learn more about the MIDAS’09 project.

The position will be based at Laboratoire Astroparticule et Cosmologie on the campus Paris-Rive Gauche of the Universite Paris-7 Diderot and located in the ADAMIS group of the Laboratory. ADAMIS is a cross-disciplinary research group composed of physicists, applied mathematiciens and software engineers and devoted to the data analysis of the astrophysical data sets in general. It provides a stimulating and friendly environement to perform work within. The successful candidate is expected to work closely with members of the MIDAS collaborations at APC and at INRIA-Saclay-Ile-de-France in Orsay, as well as at the Computational Cosmology Center in Berkeley (USA). The position will be managed by the Centre National de Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and comes with usual benefits. It is initially for a year and extendable to up to 3 years but has to terminate by Nov, 30, 2012 (the project official end date). It is expected to start in early 2010, with a precise date negotiable.
The salary level is on order of 2,000 Euros monthly net, depending on the candidate’s age and/or experience.

The candidate should have a degree in computer science or applied mathematics, as well as experience in C-programming and high performance computing. The familiarity with parallel computers and software libraries, such as MPI and/or openMP, will be a plus. Knowledge of numerical linear algebra and signal processing (FFT, wavelets, etc) methods and packages would be also an advantage.

For more information please contact: R.Stompor at radek(at)apc(dot)univ(dash)paris7(dot)fr.

To apply please send your CV together with a statement of interest/motivation to the address above. Letters of reference can also be enclosed, if available.

All qualified, interested applicants are encouraged to apply. The position is available until filled.

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Picture: courtesy of Abby Blank