Value and color of SEO tactics

septembre, 16, 2009

I will probably wrote one day about the folklore in SEO about the colour of the hats (white hats follow Google guidelines, black hats don’t, and grey hats are neutral), anyway the goal of my post is to present this infographic by seomoz. The original post is here. I won’t discuss about the graphic, but I’m pretty sure you can guess from it that the author (randfish, « a self-proclaimed professional white-hat SEO« ) is not a big fan of black hat techniques.


2 Responses to “Value and color of SEO tactics”

Very interesting graph, can we use it on our websites? With mention obviously!

Morgan, 18 septembre 2009 à 15:04

Morgan it’s not mine. The original is by Randfish from seomoz.

Sylvain, 18 septembre 2009 à 17:34
Picture: courtesy of Abby Blank